Yahoo Plus Mobile Protect

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Protect your phone for $5/month per phone.

Try Yahoo Plus Mobile Protect and enjoy greater peace of mind with cracked screen and phone repair.

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What's covered

With Yahoo Plus Mobile Protect, you have both cracked screen repair and extended warranty coverage so you can enjoy life's most exciting moments.

How it works

Cracked screen? Camera not working? We offer a flexible and convenient claim-filing process to help you stay connected.

Call to file a claim1

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Carry-in, mail-in, or schedule an onsite meeting1

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Within 7 business days, your phone is returned good as new, or you'll be reimbursed if it can’t be fixed!2

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Protect multiple phones

Need more coverage? Add more phones to the most valuable plan on the market.

It's easy and affordable to get cracked screen or phone repair for additional phones in your household.


Get coverage for some of the most popular phones available today, including:

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Why Yahoo?

Compare how Yahoo Plus Mobile Protect stands up to similar products and see why it's the most valuable on the market.



New or Used


Extended Warranty +
cracked screen

Service fee

$149 per claim + $25
for cracked screen

Yahoo Plus Mobile Protect

Yahoo Plus Mobile Protect


New or Used


Extended Warranty +
cracked screen

Service fee

Just $49 per claim

Get Started



New (60 days)


Extended Warranty +
cracked screen

Service fee

Up to $99 per claim

Frequently asked questions

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Q: Why should I choose Yahoo Plus Mobile Protect for my phone protection plan?
A: Yahoo Plus Mobile Protect is the most valuable smartphone protection plan on the market for cracked screen and extended warranty coverage. With this plan, you'll gain access to the largest cracked screen repair network in the US. For only $5/month per phone, this plan protects your new or used Apple, Samsung, and Google smartphones for up to 4 claims per year at one low service fee of $49 per claim. You'll also have access to a flexible, convenient claim-filing process3 to make the experience as smooth as possible so that you can get back to enjoying life's most exciting moments!
Q: Which specific Apple, Samsung, and Google phone versions are covered?
A: For a complete list of the specific mobile phone versions that are supported, please review the list of supported phones.
Q: What specific type of phone breakdowns or malfunctions are covered under the extended warranty component of this plan?
A: Yahoo Plus Mobile Protect provides extended warranty coverage that includes frozen screens, phones that won't turn on, charging or headphone port issues, mechanical or electrical failures, phones that won't connect to Wi-Fi, SIM card issues, speaker or camera issues, batteries, embedded portables, and surge protection.